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With a distinctive blend of spices, California-grown garlic, summer-ripened chipotle meco & puya chiles and Meyer lemons, Hoppin Hot Sauce is anything but run-of-the-mill. Our chiles are picked at the end of the season, when they are red-ripe and spicy. Unlike ordinary chipotle peppers, which are picked when they are green, the flavor of our chipotle meco peppers produces a spicier sauce with a tang like no other. It's how we make every plate taste great!

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The Hoppin Hot Sauce Story


California Cuisine

Alice Waters starts a food movement based on fresh ingredients and creates “California cuisine”. I’m raised on the stuff.


Cooking With Cely

My school friend's Mom Celia (we called her Cely) hails from Mexico City.  She has big parties with mariachis and trays of food.  She teaches me how to cook with chiles.

We make tamales, a traditional Mexican Xmas food, stuffed with the Puya peppers.


Grandpa's Meyer Lemons

My grandfather has a Meyer lemon tree in his backyard. I get fresh lemons. (Meyer lemons were made popular by Alice Waters - before her, no one used them) They contain the same chemical found in the herb thyme.


Party Time

I start bringing my homemade hot sauce to dinner parties with friends. After perfecting the ingredients, I start creating batches for friends.


The Big Time

I start selling my sauce to local restaurants in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.


XX Launches

Officially on the shelves in grocery stores. New! XX Hot Sauce for extra kick.

More Than Hot Sauce

My name is John Hoppin and I created Hoppin Hot Sauce from a blend of chiles, Meyer lemons, and spices. I have multiple sclerosis, but I didn't let it stop me from cooking. I created Hoppin Hot Sauce to share the taste of my table with yours!

Want to learn more? I record a podcast to document my journey with MS and to raise my own disability consciousness. Check out the What's The Matter With Me? Pocast

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