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Thrilling Luncheon

"I'll never forget that lunch," my wife said.
The phone never rang; it just vibrated and vibrated, and wouldn't stop. I turned to my wife and told her that something had happened, and that I wasn't sure what, but, something had happened. The phone buzzed some more.

Marc Maron had posted about Hoppin Hot Sauce on Instagram.

I haven’t been here much because I’m sad but I needed to do this. @brianrjones gifted me some of this @hoppinhotsauce and it is the BEST hot sauce I’ve ever had and I’ve been around a while. It’s one of the few things bringing me some happiness right now. I’ve gifted it to two people already. No paid plug. Just excitement. Thought I’d share.

I wrote him a thank-you note using my red pen, which is reserved for official hot sauce business only. It can look of like getting a lot of comments on your English paper. I have bad handwriting. I hope it didn't come off too nuts.

"Dear Mr. Maron, Thank you for posting about Hoppin Hot Sauce," it began. "You really helped me a lot." It's true!

Thanks, Marc Maron!

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