Single Bottles Are Available On Amazon


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Nobody really knows yet, so how’s this for letting the cat about of the bag: Hoppin Hot Sauce is flying test flights on the friendly skies of Amazon.

You can order single bottles on Amazon. They will send it to you so fast it will make your head spin.

We sent some bottles over there and the giant Amazon machine is chewing them up and spitting them out. You can order one and then it’ll put it on a mindboggling conveyor belt straight to you.

No Phoney Baloney

uspto HHS

Before I could sell on Amazon, I was required to get the Word Mark for “Hoppin Hot Sauce” from the US Patent and Trademark Office, to prove that I had the real stuff and no phoney-baloney.

It took months and months but we got the mark at the end of 2020. Here it is. Hoppin Hot Sauce is a thing- a real thing. Accept no substitutes!

Your Questions Answered

We're on the Zon

  • Where can I order a single bottle? ZON.

  • How can I get my sauce fast? ZON.

  • Where is there a enormous Johnny-5 style robot chewing up cases of your sauce and running wild? ZON.

Original Flavor on Amazon

Extra Hot on Amazon 

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