On the shelf at Zanotto's Family Market

Zanotto's is a classic San Jose spot - an independent grocery store, strong wine & beer selection, they do a bang-up lunch sandwich. The place has been jumpin' since I was a kid. Fill out the order form and hand it over the counter, and a few minutes later somebody calls out your order. I get prosciutto and hot coppa on a sweet roll.  Highly recommended.

While they are putting it together, I stroll it  on over to grab some nice olive oil and true balsamico, they have a top-notch selection. The good stuff, the real stuff. Right next door are the condiments, and that's where you will find Hoppin Hot Sauce Original and Extra Hot.  There's no time like the present -- get you some!

Zanotto's Family Market - 1970 Naglee Ave, San Jose, CA 95126

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