The Zipa

Having tacos dorados at my local taco truck got me interested in the myth of El Dorado.  


JOHN HOPPIN: Alright, what's good what's good
It's a Hoppin Hot Sauce
Pepper Show!
I know if you're watching this
you probably know that Hoppin Hot Sauce
makes every plate taste great.
There's a taco truck right here.
Tacos, wine, they carry all.
They serve Carnitas!
and they always ask
Do you want skin or something.
One time, I said yes and there was so much skin
I was just pretty shocked by that
but I go back there some time
seeing they have Tacos Dorados
and that made me think about
why are they called Dorados it's like gold, right?
Cause they're fried Tortillas and it turns golden
and that's why they're called Tacos Dorados
but made me think of El Dorado
of the myth of El Dorado.
I did a little research
and the leader
was called the Zipa in Peru
and he went out on a raft
to the center of Lake Guatavita
and he was covered in gold
gold foil, gold dust, they say
I don't know that is but he was gold!
And he was on a raft with little golden objects
and he dumped them into the center of the lake
for the Lake Goddess
an offering to the Lake Goddess
and I was having this Tacos Dorados
so I'll show you a picture
and they were so good I put Hoppin Hot Sauce
on every single taco and it was delicious!
And it made me think of the Zipa in the Muisca tradition
and it became the legend of El Dorado.
El Dorado inspired several unsuccessful
expeditions in the late 1500s.
In the course of these explorations,
this is how they mapped the Amazon
and by the beginning of the 19th Century, everybody gave up
but you can still get Tacos Dorados with fried crispy shells
and you put Hoppin Hot Sauce all over them
and it's delicious.
So I guess, I really just wanted to see if this would work.
I guess that's the beginning of my story of El Dorado,
the Zipa in Lake Guatavita covered in gold dust.
Hoppin Hot Sauce makes every plate taste great.
Check it out online,
Check the Youtube channel, much love!
Buy yourself some hot sauce.
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make their life spicy and tangy and delicious!

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