The Table Is Back

The Table Is Back on the Pepper Show

Dig this--There is nothing else like it on the entire Internet

The Pepper Show is back, so is the table. In this episode, we cover summer recipes, poetry, IG, the future, and more. Tune in and check it out.


JOHN HOPPIN: Pepper time!
Welcome to the Pepper Show.
The table is back,
perhaps you noticed.
Also we got summertime recipes,
the future,
Instagram and a poem.
Good people are watching the Pepper Show.
The table is back.
Just look at it.
Things come back, go away, and come back.
It's natural, it's a natural thing.
Summertime recipes.
Right now ain't summertime,
it's about to be summertime.
And people are asking me for Hoppin Hot Sauce recipes.
Number one grill some chicken
and put Hoppin Hot Sauce on it and eat it.
Someone gave me curry powder...
That's it, number one that's it.
There's no number two.
Grill some chicken.
Someone gave me curry powder for my birthday,
my birthday was a couple of weeks ago,
and so I put a teaspoon of curry powder
into like a cup and a half of yoghurt.
I've been into yoghurt recently, yoghurt and curry powder.
So you can marinade it for a few hours
or a day or two days.
Grill it and eat it with Hoppin Hot Sauce.
The flavors taste great together,
yoghurt is living food.
It makes your food taste alive.
Number three, I guess that was number two.
Number three, you can make up your own recipe.
There's tremendous energy and creative upheaval
surrounding the Hoppin Hot Sauce Pepper Show.
The future,
people are always talking about the future.
You read a lot of things, flying cars
and thinking robots and singing trash compactors.
We might add that our way of life in the future
may depend on hot sauce, Hoppin Hot Sauce to be specific.
Surf it on over to
Like many influential and important creators,
we're on Instagram,
creating the contemporary ethos as we live in.
I uploaded some stuff this week.
Mom's tortellini and peas,
I ended up, I microwaved it and it kind of almost got...
It was really hot.
It was like liquid cheese tortellini
but it wasn't like third degree, it wasn't that bad.
Then the artist made enchiladas and he took forever
and it looks like everything is just so.
Enchiladas, rice and beans, and even the hot sauce
in little dots.
Simpson and Carol, ate breaded stuff
on the Rhine River in Budapest or something.
It looks good, Hoppin Hot Sauce and breaded stuff,
or fried stuff, whatever it is looks good.
Budapest food.
The movement, Hoppin Hot Sauce is the movement
and the Pepper Show is a thing.
That's the structure of things here.
I wrote a poem.
Things aren't really real until there's a poem about it.
So much depends on the red bottle of Hoppin Hot Sauce
glazed with greasy finger prints,
beside the whatever's for dinner.
Thanks for tuning in.
Hoppin Hot Sauce is a condiment
that makes your food taste better.
Check us out on the internet and watch the channels.
Take control of your own life,
go to today.
♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
♪ It's the best hot sauce ♪
♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
♪ It's the best sauce in the world. ♪
♪ The world I'm telling you. ♪

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