The Fourth of July doesn't celebrate itself

The Pepper Show is back and we mean business! The Fourth of July doesn't celebrate itself; it requires a human. New rites of passage: Story Stickers are here! In the meantime, the Sheet pan chicken recipe is sustaining us. Added bonus clip: "How to decide which flavor is right for you." First though, some econ humor...

JOHN HOPPIN: Welcome, thanks for tuning into the Pepper Show.
The 4th of July doesn't celebrate itself,
brought to you by Hoppin Hot Sauce.
When the tide goes out, you see who's been swimming naked,
and who's been standing on a huge pile of hot sauce.
There is tremendous energy and creative upheaval
surrounding the Hoppin Hot Sauce Pepper Show,
and there has been for some time really.
Go to, check it out.
The seasons change.
Time passes on, and there are new rites of passage.
Have you seen our Instagram story stickers?
They're a modern form of communication.
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Last week, we posted the Hoppin Hot Sauce
sheet pan chicken recipe.
It's for chicken that you slather
with mayonnaise and hot sauce and oregano.
And then you bake it in the oven,
but you could barbecue it over indirect heat.
And that reminded me,
one time I tried to make a Pepper Show episode,
a whole episode about indirect grilling.
And that just means one side of the grill is hot,
and the other side is cold,
and it was hard to describe.
For some reason I couldn't describe that.
And it was hard to tell if the difficulty of
explaining it made it unacceptable
or just devoting an entire episode
to a very minuscule concept.
Check it out.
It was good stuff.
The 4th of July doesn't celebrate itself.
It requires a human for pollination
before it can bear fruit.
Get your sauce squared away today.
Hoppin Hot Sauce is a movement,
and the pepper show is a thing.
Thanks for watching the Pepper Show.
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and don't watch anything else.
♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
♪ It's the best hot sauce. ♪
♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
♪ It's the best sauce in the world ♪
♪ The world, I'm telling you ♪
Hoppin Hot Sauce is the best sauce in the world.
I'm telling you.
Oh! People always ask me, do I like original?
Or do I like extra hot?
And these are the two bottles for my house.
This one is original, and it's almost out.
See, it's like barely.
And I had this extra hot lined up,
and I'm always telling people, and it's true.
Once I finish one flavor, I want the other flavor.
I'm like actually maybe extra hot,
and I'm going to finish this one,
and I'm gonna be like,
"Oh, maybe, maybe original, maybe that!"
And I'll get a whole new one of these,
but a black label, original one.
I'll finish all that, go back like this.
It just goes on and on.
So I guess moral of the story is:
get both flavors and figure out which one you like more.
And if you're like me, and you can never figure that out,
then just alternate endlessly with no beginning or no end.
You know, it's cyclical thing.
Some things are cyclical.
Some things are linear; other things are cyclical.
You will have to be the judge,
Check it out,
Can't even get this thing off!

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