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Hoppin Hot Sauce is Still Here - Support your local food bank - John Prine RIP - Tremendous energy"

Quarantine Pepper Show shot by the kids- stay tuned for the cameo at the end. Your Source For Sauce Is Help Us Grow - LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, & SHARE Check Out other #hotsauce #diyTV on the Channel HHS IG HHS on FB

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JOHN HOPPIN: Thank you for tuning into the Hoppin Hot Sauce Pepper Show. Hoppin Hot Sauce is still here. The Pepper Show is still here. Go to
We donated nine cases of this extra hot Hoppin Hot Sauce to Second Harvest Food Bank. I think if you're able right now, you should support your local food bank if you have money, time or food.
Gone but not forgotten, singer-songwriter John Prine died Tuesday, April 7th, at 73. I came to the table pretty late on John Prine. I saw "John Prine Tiny Desk concert - he played live. It's on YouTube. Better late than never, it's no time like the present Check out "Hello, In There" by John Prine, it's worth a listen.
There is tremendous energy and creative upheaval surrounding the Hoppin Hot Sauce Pepper Show at this time and there has been for some time, really. Good people are watching the Pepper Show. Go to
Thank you for watching the Pepper Show. Hoppin Hot Sauce is a movement and the Pepper Show is a thing. Tune in next time. It's the best sauce in the world, I'm telling you.
JOHN HOPPIN (singing): Hoppin Hot Sauce, it's the best hot sauce/ Hoppin Hot Sauce, it's the best sauce in the world/ The world, I'm tellin you
Shout-outs to John John and Koko! My kids are shooting the pepper show for me today You're my production assistant?
KOKO: Yes. It's the best sauce in the world.
JOHN HOPPIN: The world!


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