A secret

Hoppin Hot Sauce is a secret

Hoppin Hot Sauce is not on Amazon. It might be there one day, but right now Hoppin Hot Sauce is available almost nowhere.

We will be at the Harvest Festival at Martial Cottle Park in San Jose this Saturday, October 5th with special exclusive deals on bottles of sauce and sauce memorabilia. Come on down!

My mom might be there. She helped me cook Hoppin Hot Sauce in the early days. If you watch the YouTube channel, you know that everybody has parents. Come on down!

This Saturday, October 5th, Martial Cottle Park's Fall Festival 2019. A fun lively annual fall festival celebration of local food, the harvest season, local makers, and San Jose's agricultural history in a beautiful South San Jose park. The location is Martial Cottle Park, 5283 Snell Avenue, San Jose, California, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m this Saturday.

Exclusives, deals, mom. Mom is wow upside down, you know, and mom is also mom backwards.

This message brought to you by Hoppin Hot Sauce. It's the best hot sauce in the world, check it out, hoppinhotsauce.com.

Thanks for listening, thanks for watching. I'll see you on Saturday, stay cool.

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