New Year 2021

It's that time, it's that space, IT'S..

"New Year 2021"

A new episode of the Pepper Show with end of the year wrap-up about how we got a lot of orders after Marc Maron got into it and we won twice at the Scovie Awards. Somebody put me on their Christmas Card list. I was awarded the trademark. Check it out. All with the usual tremendous energy! 

(tense music)
- Thanks for tuning into the Pepper Show,
the Hoppin Hot Sauce Pepper Show.
Hoppin Hot Sauce is a movement,
the Pepper Show is a thing.
It's time and space for the Pepper Show.
2020 was totally cray.
We got a lot of orders,
celebrity endorsements,
we cleaned up at the Hot Sauce Awards,
and some people added me to their Christmas card list.
Where's that Christmas card?
(dramatic music)
We've been making it, Hoppin Hot Sauce,
now for three and four years, officially,
and before that it was research.
But this year we had our 1,000th order,
and then we had our 2000th order.
Well my cat is coming over here,
Fred, she's a lady named Fred.
Fred, not now.
I'm doing the internet,
it's the Pepper Show, baby.
Come on, you know the deal, come on.
Man, Fred, okay.
Fred, I got one of these situations.
Come on, Fred.
Come on,
don't wreck the whole,
oh man.
Fred will take you down.
You think you're flying high,
Fred will show you.
So anyway, I got my 1,000th order,
and then later in the year I got my 2000th order.
And I think that means I had a lot of orders,
because I've been going four years.
This year was cray.
2020, was absolutely cray.
Then Marc Maron started
just going off about it
on his internet, on the internet live.
Marc Maron, my free celebrity endorsement.
I almost can't stop talking about that,
he's going to send me a bill.
And then the Scovie Awards.
The Scovie Awards are like Emmy, Grammy,
Oscar, Tony,
and for hot sauce there's there's the Scovie Awards,
and Hoppin Hot Sauce won two categories.
We came in first place, Original Flavor
came in First Place in the Mild, Medium, Hot Sauce category.
And came in also First Place,
Louisiana Style,
because it's like Crystal,
it's got a vinegar base to it.
Okay, some people added me to their Christmas card list,
you know, because my return address is on the packages.
So somebody added me to their Christmas card list.
Hold on, what do we got here?
They said, "Marc Maron said it.
"Marc Maron spoke, we listened,
"and happy we did".
I like these people.
So who is it, Mary and Nathan are the humans,
Butters is the dog,
Tibby is the cat, Happy New Year.
Happy new year, thank you for sending me a Christmas card,
that was cool.
And I got one other Christmas card,
Christmas gift, that I worked for
for months and months to get this.
And I have it, from the United States of America,
that's here, from the United States
Patent and Trademark Office,
and they put this golden seal.
I own the word mark,
to Hoppin Hot Sauce.
I don't really know what that means, but it's official.
You see the golden seal,
the government will send that to you.
New year brings new things,
but still Hoppin Hot Sauce is the movement,
the Pepper Show is the thing.
There is tremendous energy and creative upheaval
surrounding the Hoppin Hot Sauce Pepper Show
at this time,
and there has been for some time, really.
(tense music)
2020 was totally cray.
Thank you for tuning into the Pepper Show,
I'll see you in 2021., your source for sauce,
getting to it.
Peace, have a good one.
See you next time.
Bye friend.
Man, Fred wasn't joking.
Fred hurt me, badly.
Time and space,
it's time and space for the Pepper Show.
(tense music)

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