People follow people now, and people follow him. And of those, that mass of humanity, there is a hardcore kernel of support. And they do whatever he says, so... So to those people, welcome aboard.

It's that time, it's that space, IT'S..
"Maron" a new episode of the Pepper Show about how Marc Maron blew up the spot on Hoppin Hot Sauce on Instagram! Check it out. Refrigeration, labor day. All with the usual tremendous energy!


JOHN HOPPIN:- Man, that was intense, that lawyer part.
That freaked me out.
I am not a lawyer.
I'm not a lawyer,
I would never in a million years.
Anyway, it's The Pepper Show time.
It's Pepper Show! This is the time.
They always say that. "It's time for the show,
time to start the show," but it's time and space.
Everyone needs time and space, let's...
we have to create a time and space
for The Pepper Show.
There is tremendous energy and creative upheaval
surrounding the Hoppin Hot Sauce Pepper Show
at this time and there has been for a long time, really.
Good people are watching The Pepper Show.
Go to
I am not a lawyer.
Everything went nuts last week.
Two weeks ago now.
Marc Maron mentioned Hoppin Hot Sauce on Instagram.
He had this picture with his hand holding the bottle.
And then he recommended it on Instagram
and that was the thing.
Hundreds of thousands of people follow him.
He hosts a podcast called the WTF Podcast.
Go to to check it out.
Marc Maron.
People follow him.
He used to host Short Attention Span Theater in the 90s.
People follow him, and of those,
these hundreds of thousands of people,
people follow people now,
and people follow him.
And of those,
that mass of humanity, there are hardcore,
there is a hardcore kernel of support.
And they do whatever he says, so...
So to those people welcome aboard.
Hoppin Hot Sauce is the movement,
The Pepper Show is a thing, this is time and space
for The Pepper Show.
Thank you to Marc Maron.
I wrote him a letter.
I wrote him a letter.
This is my official hot sauce business pen.
I write everything in this red pen.
It's like you are...
you have written the worst English paper imaginable
and your teacher wrote all over it.
And I have crazy handwriting.
It's like a doctor's handwriting without the training.
I'm an untrained doctor
by my handwriting only.
I'll fix you up. Try some Hoppin Hot Sauce!
I wrote him a note in this red official pen
and I hope it didn't freak him out.
It's official hot sauce business.
I just said "Thank you,
thanks a lot," I said.
A lot of people bought hot sauce
because you held it.
And then he posted it again,
he put the hot sauce on oysters,
people go nuts.
Whatever Marc Maron does,
people do and they're right in this case.
Hoppin Hot Sauce is number one with the bullet.
So, I don't put it in the fridge.
Some... some brands of hot sauce
will be like, "Hey, put it in the fridge
to keep it fresher."
But that kind of mindset would only work
if you ate hot sauce at a glacial pace.
You should eat hot sauce faster.
Labor Day is coming up. Summer won't be here forever,
and Labor Day is coming. Have a barbecue!
Don't forget the hot sauce. Go to
Stay wide when you're outside, six feet.
Go to
Hoppin Hot Sauce is the best hot sauce in the world.
I'm tellin' you!
♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
♪ It's the best hot sauce ♪
♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
♪ It's the best sauce in the world ♪
♪ The world, I'm telling you ♪
Eat it. Eat it!
I'm very agitated on this take and that's a good thing.
It's good to be agitated sometimes.
Not all the time,
but some times you should reserve for agitation.
Being agitated, agitating others,
you know what they call those people? Agitators.
Everyone should agitate a little. Not a lot.
Not a lot.
Don't get carried away.
Thank you for tuning into The Pepper Show.

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