How To Store Bread In The Freezer

BREAD TACTICS on the Hoppin Hot Sauce Pepper Show

"How to Store Bread in the freezer"

I'm talking about breads that are sold whole, in one piece, NOT sandwich bread that comes pre-sliced in plastic bags. Your Source For Sauce Is...

JOHN HOPPIN: It's Pepper Show time.
It's time and space for the Pepper Show.
Welcome, welcome back to the Pepper Show.
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Hoppin Hot Sauce is a movement,
and the Pepper Show is a thing.
Welcome back to the Pepper Show.
This time I want to, I'm dying to tell you,
I got my hot sauce pen.
How to store bread in the freezer.
I read this thing in the paper.
It was like, buy the best bread you can afford.
Buy it from a place where the deli will slice it for you.
And my market, I kinda, we know the deli guy
and I'm like, hey, can you, do you have a bread slicer?
So we put it back there and he slices it up every week.
And we put that in the freezer.
When you very first buy it, just eat like, you know,
with crackers and cheese and olive and spready things,
and roast vegetables or something.
And then freeze the rest,
sliced up in a gallon freezer bag.
These are the building blocks
of a grilled cheese sandwich
constructed by a connoisseur,
and that goes with Hoppin Hot Sauce.
Buy the best bread you can afford.
Go to the deli.
Ask the guy or the, you have a nice lady.
I, you know, there are deli ladies for sure.
And ask 'em, hey, can you slice this up?
And take half of it home and eat it right there
and then freeze the rest in a freezer bag
and make grilled cheese sandwiches.
Put Hoppin Hot Sauce on it.
How to store bread in the freezer.
'Cause the thing about cutting it yourself
is like cutting a,
a levain bread or like a nice big loaf boule
of bread is,
takes some, you gotta have a real bread knife
and it makes a mess.
Like they can do it at the deli.
Just have them slice it.
Not too thin,
but they can slice it for you.
You don't want that drama.
That is how to store bread in the freezer.
And then you have with toast, you have with eggs,
Hoppin Hot Sauce, an ideal partner.
Tapenade, cheese, olives.
Rosy red bell peppers, pickled asparagus.
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Baby Cats of California
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I also, I gotta give a shout out to my cowboy hat.
I gotta give a shout out to my cowboy hat.
We have caraway in our spice blend.
It's kind of taken from harissa.
If you've ever had like a Middle-Eastern spice
with a falafel, we kinda appropriated something.
So there's the spice blend.
It's got a lot of different flavors.
And Meyer lemon, that's a California ingredient.
My grandfather had a Meyer lemon bush
and Meyer lemon, my grandpa,
you know he just kept the Meyer lemons on the bush
at anytime of year.
You would wander out and find them.
And sometimes you have to watch out
because the squishy ones have been on there too long.
It's my tip, but no squishy Meyer lemons in there.
♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
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♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
♪ It's the best sauce in the world ♪
♪ The world, I'm tellin' you ♪

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