Game Night Dumpster Story

It's that time, it's Pepper Show time!! In this episode, we'll tell a story about the origin of the backdrop. Where did the map come from? Well, that's a Game Night Dumpster Story. Tune in to the new episode of the Pepper Show, Presented by Hoppin Hot Sauce!

Begin Transcript ---

JOHN HOPPIN: People have been asking about the map behind me. I used to live in Bushwick, in Brooklyn.
A school was closing, and one night I had gone to this bar, Capone's, where my buddy was hosting some game night. It was cheesy. It was a game night.
It was a bar where you got free pizza with your beer. You would order a beer, and they'd immediately make you a cheese or a pepperoni pizza. Not a very... It was a free pizza.
And I went outside after, and there was a dumpster outside this school that had closed, and all the school maps were in there. I was with my friend and we kind of hopped in the dumpster, found the best map.
I thought this was the best map. It's like a map of New York City and some of New Jersey and Long Island, and I think the Bronx, I mean, everything is in there. All five boroughs are in there.
So we cut it off and I took it home, and I've kind of had it ever since, and that's the backdrop to my show. A map from a school that has closed. I found it in the trash in Brooklyn, New York.
Shout out to everybody who asked.

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