Everybody Has Parents

"Everybody Has Parents," an unavoidable biological fact with a whiff of trauma.  I start this episode with the stark realization that Mother's Day and Father's Day were fast approaching. 

These types of facts and certainties barrel ahead, waiting for no one. 
Then, we unbox the Gift Set. Recipes, stories... Did someone say free magnet?


JOHN HOPPIN: It's the Pepper Show.
Welcome to the Pepper Show.
Something came to me today.
I realized Mother's Day is coming up,
and then Father's Day after that.
I was packing up the Hoppin Hot Sauce Gift Set.
It comes with two bottles,
and I was like that's cool
because it gives you every experience.
You know what I mean?
It like puts you with the original,
puts you up on that,
and then all the sudden it's extra hot.
Anyhow, you know what it is,
check it out.
You've got both flavors with the gift set.
And then we've got these magnets.
You get one of these magnets.
Man, something else!
They were like, "You've gotta have
refrigerator magnets."
And I was like, okay fine.
My graphic designer was like
"I'm gonna make 'em."
I was like knock yourself out.
Let's have magnets.
That's the kind of thing I go for.
So, here it is!
Label, chili pepper, bottle, and lemons.
For your fridge!
And Hoppin Hot Sauce for your food!
And then there's these recipes
that come with it.
Like onion and bean pasta,
and yogurt herb sauce.
It's kinda like verita,
it's a herb and yogurt sauce.
'Cause when you're eating hot sauce,
you need like an accompaniment
a creamy kinda thing.
Yogurt sauce is good.
All kinds of recipes
exclusive to the gift set.
We've got one here in braised oxtail,
and I had it at this Puerto Rican restaurant,
and I tell the story on it.
And all the cards have like recipes,
but also kinda stories and antidotes
about why braised oxtail.
I ate it in this restaurant,
this important art museum guy
was eating with me.
And I was like, I better order
what he orders, right,
so I can look cool and it was oxtail.
I never had it.
It's kinda gloopy.
Anyway, check it out,
the antidote is written on the recipe.
♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
♪ It's the best hot sauce ♪
♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
♪ It's the best sauce in the world ♪
♪ The world I'm telling you ♪
- Man that was cool.
Hoppin Hot Sauce is a movement.
You can get in touch, get in tune with it
at Hoppinhotsauce.com.
The gift set is ideal
for acknowledging your father's existence.
You know?
I'm a dad, and all I want is for people to say
like you did this.
You had a part in this.
And we acknowledge your existence.
I'll be like, thank you family.
So, you know, check it out,
it's at Hoppinhotsauce.com.
The cool thing is, it's the price of two bottles,
you get a extra hot and original.
You also get a magnet.
You could get like, let's see what we got here.
We got the bottle,
the logo,
a pepper,
and a lemon.
Collect 'em all!
Thanks for watching the Pepper Show.
Thanks for tuning in,
and getting in tune with it.
Smile now or cry later.
Check us out on social media
at Hoppin Hot Sauce.
♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
♪ It's the best hot sauce ♪
♪ Hoppin Hot Sauce ♪
♪ It's the best sauce in the world ♪
♪ The world I'm telling you ♪
- Hoppinhotsauce.com, check it out,
get in tune with the movement.
Thank you for watching the Pepper Show.

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