a film by Hoppin Hot Sauce

A slice of cold pizza is pulled from the fridge congealed and drained of life.  Once upon a time this pizza was fresh and warm. Now look at it.

Eating a slice of cold pizza can be gross and outside the purview of eating properly, but not if you have a good bottle of hot sauce. A really special bottle of hot sauce! I think this used to be a sausage and mushroom pizza, the poor thing. Taking down a slice of cold pizza top to bottom, this is how I do it. Only Hoppin Hot Sauce makes it possible.

This video features oneirific drum machines from Hot Mops, and a blue plate that I found at the thrift store for a nickel.


Charles E Kestler

The screenwriting is impeccable. The plot twists caught me totally offguard.
The nudity was tasteful and artistic.
I’m sure the Academy will sit up and take notice.


Everything is better with Hoppin Hot Sauce. I wish I had a piece if cold pizza right now!!!!

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