Booth At The Harvest Festival

We had a booth at the Harvest Festival at Martial Cottle Park in San Jose.

We were part of the local vendor arcade set up by SJMADE. There were old tractors, and big saws, and square dances. We heard about an "Alabama Laugh."


JOHN HOPPIN: Right, what's good, what's good?
It's the pepper show,
pepper show.
It's pepper time.
It's hot and fun here.
It's nice coaches jacket weather.
Hoppin Hot Sauce makes every play great,
check it out,
Last time we had the Legend of El Dorado's
and Taco's Dorado's
and their tangy connection.
Check it out, it's on YouTube
it's on the Hoppin Hot Sauce channel.
Let's get into it, last weekend
Hoppin Hot Sauce had a booth at the Harvest Festival
at Marshall Condell Park in San Jose.
It's a good time, it's like a family thing
there's a petting zoo and goats and chickens.
We could hear the goats bleating.
I had to look that up goats don't brey or sing
they bleat.
I'm not around goats a lot I guess.
There was a lot of old farm equipment there.
There was square dancing behind us,
the guy kept saying Alabama,
lets have an Alabama laugh,
I liked that, I liked that Alabama laugh idea.
I don't know if they laugh different in Alabama
or what but that's what the guy was saying.
Square dancers man, something else.
Thanks for watching the Pepper Show,
I'm John Hoppin, I make Hoppin Hot Sauce.
Check it out at
I have multiple sclerosis, it made it hard to work
in the kitchen but it didn't stop me from cooking.
I made Hoppin Hot Sauce to share the taste
of my table with yours, check it out,
get some at

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