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What is Hoppin Hot Sauce?

Hoppin Hot Sauce is not your typical hot sauce. It's a blend of California grown Meyer lemons, garlic and two types of chili peppers which creates its unique kick. It's all natural and we figured you would like that.

Well, this stuff is the best. Never had a hot sauce with so much flavor. I’ve been keeping ingredients out of dishes because it goes such a long way. Made locally, delivered to my door in just a few days. All the other brands just got ex-sauce-ted.

— Nate, San Jose, CA

"Tried the XX Hot Sauce with my lentils and sausage tonight. OMG! So good!! Thank you!!!"

— Kim, San Jose, CA

"This sauce tastes like no other hot sauce I've tasted before. The meyer lemon and the spice blend are unique to this sauce. I really liked it. Had it on my egg, cheese, sausage and potato breakfast dish this morning. Two thumbs up! Glad I ordered 2 bottles. . . Good luck,  John. I am rooting for you!!!"

— Sharon, Sonoma, CA

"I ordered two bottles of the original Hoppin Hot Sauce and shared a bottle with my daughter. We both love it! Such a unique flavor. We put it on everything! :) "

— Toni, Santa Rosa, CA

Huge fan of this hot sauce! It has a very unique flavor: a little smokey, a little tangy, the perfect amount of heat. I haven't tried the XX yet, but I think I'll stick to the original! It goes on all kinds of food -- so far: eggs, avocado toast, mac n cheese, stir fry, spaghetti w marinara, roasted potatoes, chicken, chard, finger tips... I love it. Glad I bought 2 bottles and will definitely be getting more. 👍👍

— Cielle, Mill Valley, CA

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